NETBIOCOF is a Coordinated Action funded by the European Union under the Sixth Framework Programme

Coordinated Actions are multi-partner actions intended to promote and support the networking and co-ordination of research and innovation activities. They cover the definition, organization and management of joint or common initiatives as well as activities such as the organization of conferences, meetings, the carrying out of studies, exchanges of personnel, the exchange and dissemination of good practice, setting up common information systems and expert groups.

NETBIOCOF это скоординированные действия, финансируемых Европейским Союзом в рамках Шестой Framework программы

Согласованные действия многочисленных партнёров направлены на поощрение и поддержку сетей и координации научных исследований и инновационной деятельности. Они охватывают определение, организация и управление совместной или общей инициативой, а также такие мероприятия, как организация конференций, встреч, проведение исследований, обмен кадрами, обмен и распространение передового опыта, создание общих информационных систем и экспертных групп.

Детали проекта

Project details:
Full title: Integrated European Network for Biomass Co-firing
Contract number: SES6-CT-020012- (SES5)
Project duration: August 2005-August 2011
Project objectives:

The primary objective of NETBIOCOF Co-ordination Action is to promote European co-operation between research organisations devoted to biomass co-firing, promoting the uptake of innovative technologies to expand the use of biomass co-firing in new and existing power plants, with emphasis in the New Member States. A biomass co-ordination platform will be established, which will co-ordinate on-going research and strategic activities with the aim of identifying best practices and will propose strategies of implementation and directions for futures research.

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